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Catalyst People

Terry and Nancy had very similar childhoods with generations of family heritage immersed in identification with Jesus and interaction with His people. That early intimacy with Jesus and a pivotal encounter at age 25 set Terry on the track that has led to his life’s-work, enlisting Catalyst People.

Why Catalyst? A catalyst is introduced to accelerate the combination of two slow-to-interact elements. In this case, people and Jesus.

If we are vitally involved in conversational life with Him, we in turn are His Catalysts wherever He puts us and especially to the person He clearly gives us to, to echo their inner conversation with Jesus and to encourage them to continue to follow, trust and delight in Him more intimately every day.

We are still alive on this planet because people need desperately to see Jesus at work and living in another human being and be drawn into one-on-One conversation with Him. There are a few Catalysts called to build a platform to speak to the masses and harvest thousands of souls at a time and there are multitudes of Catalysts who are designed for the continual one-on-one, daily harvest by personal interaction and true, faithful friendship.

The mass encounter is historically pivotal but is only the jump-start needed for multitudes to be awakened to the Life-Preserver God has thrown out into a deadly swirling vortex – His own Son, Jesus. Just as crucial is that each soul who is pulled from death’s jaws be encouraged to immediately practice a daily, personal, out-loud intimacy with their Savior and be gathered into an environment for that intimacy to deepen and become an increasingly fruitful life. That work is carried on by we who quietly live the life we have been given and love those we have been given to.

Catalyst People are Jesus’ hands reaching, touching, welcoming and encouraging us to know Him more intimately every day. To be Jesus’ Catalyst is to be His audible, visible, flesh-&-blood Body-part on Earth.

We are Catalysts, the spontaneous life Jesus lives clothed in our skin, specifically designed for where He has put us, to activate His conversation with the people He gives us to, starting with those closest to us.