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COURAGE = Biblical “love”:
Sacrifice of life for other than self.
Therefore – a man cannot lay down the “right to himself” without having gone to the cross with Jesus.
Then and only then can he:
love his wife, children, parents
submit to the authority of government and work
lead and manage affairs of his household and vocation
Likewise, a woman cannot lay down her “right to herself” without having gone to the cross with Jesus. Then and only then can she:
honor her husband
submit and champion the Biblical order for her home
understand her function in relationships and responsibilities in her household

Have I been given to be a son? A husband/wife? A father/mother? A laborer? An executive? A manager? Poor? Rich? Middleclass?
The prerequisite for success in any responsibility you’ve been given is the Cross. Jesus said, “Pick up your cross.” What does that mean? I am able to understand, “Go to the cross.” That means to lay aside every thing I will when I die. This is the first step of “come to the cross” or “deny yourself.” I can grasp that BUT, “Pick it up?” That emplies – dead, but walking – carrying something – a cross. What would a portable cross be used for? A weapon? A little heavy to use as sword or club. There’s only one enemy the cross is a weapon against. Me. The problem is that the pure nature of Jesus has been installed and must be carried in the same body that is always going to struggle to regain the authority to be my dominant disposition. I must keep Jesus “on the throne” of my heart so that His nature is established as my dominant disposition. I am given that power by the Cross which I carry as a memorial of my “freedom” by death from the domination of my body. I am empowered to “present my body a living sacrifice.” Rom 12:1 Love gives the courage to do that.


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