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Our natural “world view” is “vast and unexplored” only in our own mind. Through the supremacy experienced as a developing human being during those first 5-6 years of our lives, we are convinced that our knowledge and experience is all-encompassing. We are omnipotent.

Our perspective at adolescence could be described as a mirrored bubble. No matter which way we look we can see clearly our self and all that we have accumulated and that is our world. There is only a tiny pinhole to the outside. When our brain began to form in the womb, we took data in from all directions. Our horizon was miraculously broadened when we exited through the “straight gate” into the world of light and distinct sounds and multiplied smells and textures. Our senses were like fire hoses flooding our mind with data and we couldn’t get enough!

As the territorial instinct began to awaken is constricted these fire hoses and by the age of 11 to 13, we were completely engaged in defending our acquisition of knowledge and experience. We survey our territory because it was enclosed and concise and we could see it all in the mirrored bubble. Of course, we didn’t perceive the curved walls of our mind because of the mirror – more specifically, self-awareness.

Around age 12, we begin to hear, through the tiny pinhole in the dome, descriptions of other worlds, other children’s worlds. They would at first sound like our world but then they would claim that world was theirs and when you reacted by protecting the world as your territory, chaos would break out. Slowly, it became clear that your world was being claimed by everyone around you – everyone! Mom. Dad. Most disturbing, brother, sister. The kid in back of you in class! The dog was the only one who was OK with the world being yours!

That is the definition of the term adolescent. Inherently, that is something to be grown out of. Unfortunately, in some environments, no one tells you that. Especially, after 1946. Of course, you could make your own extrapolations if were born before that year. Unfortunately, if you were born before that no one will listen to you. In fact since the whole world was predominantly born since then, you just have to take great relief in applying it to your own world, no matter when you were born. That’s because no one is going to listen to you unless you can convince them in 3 seconds that what you have to say is going to enhance their little bubble-world by giving them something they want at this moment.

This phenomena determines the success every enterprise. If you want to be in business, you must at least advertise on the premise of meeting some felt-need of the people you want to sell your product to. All due to the base instincts of adolescence clung to till death do us part.

Being “Born Again” in its original usage is the activation of the Creator’s cure for that Pinhole Perspective. The pinhole is once again widening. More data from outside my mirrored bubble is allowed in. In fact my appetite for knowing what is outside myself is returning. But now, it doesn’t seem to be for my growth alone. The collective data of my whole lifetime is clearly for a purpose outside myself, even beyond my own knowledge or gratification. I discover I have purpose, a reason for being a human being. That purpose is to be a portal, a conduit through which other humans can acquire data from outside human intelligence and experience. Data that gives meaning and transcendent purpose to all human intelligence and experience. A purpose beyond the satisfaction of bodily appetites and animal instincts. The Purpose of my Creator.

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