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Single Authority

The world would have been lost if it had been unable to return to that great original simplicity of a single authority in all things. [EVERLASTING MAN p97]

Our ability to preserve anything of that simplicity… we owe to a secretive and restless nomadic people who bestowed on men the supreme and serene blessing of a jealous God and

That God was not available to the pagan world because it was the possession of a jealous people.



2004 – To my Jewish family:

You have only one friend, Christians, who have no friends. Why do you perceive your only friend as your most monstrous enemy?

Because, once again you have slid down the easy slope into paganism and the last thing you will do is repent.
I have the distinct feeling that if you could repent, the whole world be introduced to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.


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