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Habitually choosing intimate work and interaction with God instead of any other option is what Jesus was talking about when He said to the woman at Jacob’s well, “God is seeking genuine worshipers.”

He says that that worship, that choosing must be more than inner intention – spirit. That’s just the beginning. That choice must lead to open expression in visible action and audible words – truth. Transmitting that intention out into the physical carbon-based world is the meaning of “glory.” God’s disposition seen and heard in my actions and words. “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”* What I’m saying is that the Program is meant to be done; the Life is meant to be lived – outloud.

The secret-place, One-on-one intimacy is meant to produce an open lived-outloud life that affects the natural world like nothing else because the power of the very holiness of God is behind it. The mountain-top experience with Jesus is meant to fit us for the life He wants to live down in the mundane, daily routine valley where life is tested and worked out to its ultimate end.

So, “leadership,” according to Jesus being Leading-The-Way, do you still want to be a “leader?” The fact is that if you are a genuine worshiper, you are a leader – leading the way, openly living the sensational this-minute adventure of the personal, intimate interaction of a human-being with the Living, Loving, Saving, Creator-God and Father.

I hope you can deduce where the music comes from and what its purpose is. Just think about that a while and then go to Responses, Questions, Comments and put it into words. I’ll get right back to you, and we will continue this conversation personally.

*Westminster Shorter Catechism

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