How sovereign is God?
Exodus 4-6/Acts 25-28

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4:1 But Moses protested again, “Look, they won’t believe me! They won’t do what I tell them. They’ll just say, The LORD never appeared to you.”

:10-12 But Moses pleaded with the LORD, “O Lord, I’m just not a good speaker. I never have been, and I’m not now, even after you have spoken to me. I’m clumsy with words.” “Who makes mouths?” the LORD asked him. “Who makes people so they can speak or not speak, hear or not hear, see or not see? Is it not I, the LORD? Now go, and do as I have told you. I will help you speak well, and I will tell you what to say.”


26:12-19 One day I was on such a mission to Damascus, armed with the authority and commission of the leading priests. About noon, Your Majesty, a light from heaven brighter than the sun shone down on me and my companions. We all fell down, and I heard a voice saying to me, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It is hard for you to fight against my will.” “Who are you, sir?” I asked. And the Lord replied, “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting. Now stand up! For I have appeared to you to appoint you as my servant and my witness. You are to tell the world about this experience and about other times I will appear to you. And I will protect you from both your own people and the Gentiles. Yes, I am going to send you to the Gentiles, to open their eyes so they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and be given a place among God’s people, who are set apart by faith in me.” And so, O King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to that vision from heaven.

OT Flash Points

Send someone else who has qualifications
No, but I’ll send support for weakness
Why did you send me?
This isn’t working!
Your agenda?
Or God’s?
People in bondage don’t care about God’s agenda because they are only focused on their discomfort

NT Flash Points

The chosen one is put before the rulers and kings to preach the gospel
All lost but our lives
The devil’s doing?
Or God’s?


What are you looking at?
That determines your perspective on everything else

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