New name: The name of the promise
Genesis 16-19/Matthew 13-14

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16:15 So Hagar gave Abram a son, and Abram named him Ishmael.

17:5-6 “What’s more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram; now you will be known as Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations. I will give you millions of descendants who will represent many nations. Kings will be among them!”

:15-16 Then God added, “Regarding Sarai, your wife–her name will no longer be Sarai; from now on you will call her Sarah. And I will bless her and give you a son from her! Yes, I will bless her richly, and she will become the mother of many nations. Kings will be among her descendants!”


13:9 “Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand!”

:51-52 “Do you understand?” “Yes,” they said, “we do.” Then he added, “Every teacher of religious law who has become a disciple in the Kingdom of Heaven is like a person who brings out of the storehouse the new teachings as well as the old.”

14:15-16 That evening the disciples came to him and said, “This is a desolate place, and it is getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.” But Jesus replied, “That isn’t necessary–you feed them.”

:22-24 Immediately after this, Jesus made his disciples get back into the boat and cross to the other side of the lake while he sent the people home. Afterward he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone. Meanwhile, the disciples were in trouble far away from land, for a strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves.

:33-34 Then the disciples worshiped him. “You really are the Son of God!” they exclaimed. After they had crossed the lake, they landed at Gennesaret.

OT Flash Points

Abram and Hagar (maid of Sarai) were the parents of I(shm)ael
Abraham and Sarah were the parents of I(sr)ael
Who’s in charge?
Give Him the tenth
God is Provision

NT Flash Points

Jesus says, “You will understand” – did they?
“You feed them.” – did they?
“Go to the other side.” – did they?
Faith sees at the onset of the challenge, not after


Man is created to be given – directly
Not affected, manufactured action – secondary or reactionary
But directed action – initiation directly by Holy Spirit

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