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Terry Clark & Friends Radio
Every week, Terry and a valued friend will talk about their
intimate friendship and expeditions with Jesus.

This week we’re visiting with Erwin, Pulley & Lehmann

Here’s 3 of my favorite friends & fellow servants in the King’s business. Modern-day, fully-armed messengers courageously marching through the enemy’s strongholds and exposing his lies by proclaiming that the name of the Creator and Savior of the world is Yeshua, Jesus, Isa, Yesu. This triple-header includes visits with Gayle Erwin, Lloyd Pulley & Danny Lehmann, 3 giants of open & outloud faith. Oh, the damage they have done to the kingdom of Satan! Simple, straight, genius people, fully given to and charged by the Spirit like these three, are the reason the devil is exploding with rage. But the Light, God’s grace lived-out-in-human-skin, wins every time! HALLELUYAH! These guys blow the doors off their hinges!


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