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This week we’re visiting with Jay McCarl

This week’s visit is with Jay McCarl, pastor of a church called Calvary Chapel of Georgetown on the Divide in Cool, CA. Jay is a Bible Scholar/historian who has led Holy Land Tours for many years and has developed dramatic presentations to expose people to the realities of life in Jesus’ day, particularly a biblical dinner and the Galilean wedding, for which Jesus supplied wine and used in many illustrations of who He is and what will happen if we are not ready and expecting His, the Groom’s, arrival. He builds the set just as it would have been in that day, serves the food they would have eaten around a triclinium table and tells the story that teaches so much about the foundational applications of God’s Word.
Here’s a taste –
Jay continues to release quality DVD projects through, The Final Prophecies, a documentary bringing up-to-date current discoveries pertaining to Biblical prophecies unfolding now & Decoding The Future, his 7-DVD course through current insights for us today from the Revelation. Plus – The Coming Convergence and coming in Fall 2016, Purging America. Go to Biblical Dinners


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