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Every week, Terry and a valued friend will talk about their
intimate friendship and expeditions with Jesus.

This Week we’re visiting with Jeff Lams

Jeff is a Broadway music director, member of the in-house music team for the global Franklin Graham & Samaritan’s Purse events and Harvest events, producer of our TUYO SOY album & one of the Tuesday Morning guys when we’re all in town. Jeff didn’t discover he is Jewish until he was an adult, married with kids. Since then, he and his wife Belinda have become Torah students, enriching their home by following the daily immersion into their historic roots in direct relationship with God. They’ve hosted neighbors and friends in their home to talk to Messianic Rabbis and discover the detail that looking into the roots of our faith brings to the reading of God’s Book and walking with His Son, our Savior, and King, Yeshua. The Lams’ friendship is a precious treasure to us and his story, along with his musical genius, will shake your world.

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