The 15 songs that make up this anthology are the fruit of interractions over a period of 20 years, from 2000 to 2020 with Jesus, my Savior, Friend, and Master. Those encounters were pivotal moments in His personal determination to reveal Himself to me and by that ever-deepening relationship to transform every part of my heart and soul.

The conversations had a dramatic start long before 2000. The previous 38 years of our interractions started with a bang in the Psych Ward of the military hospital in Munich, Germany. (hear more –!/His-Story/c/3347560) Free

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The responses to the ongoing transformation were recorded and

can be heard and personally participated in with the albums

produced between 1972 and 2010:
The CHILDREN of FAITH 1972 for Firstfruits w/Charles&David Lugwig@Lugwig sound Houston, TX
WELCOME 1978 W/Chuck Girard for Good News Records Word/Myrrh @Mama Jo’s N Hollywood, CA
MELODIES 1980 w/Joe Bellamy for Good News Records Word/Myrrh @Salty Dog Van Nuys, CALIVING WORSHIP 1984 w/Joe Bellamy for CatalystPeople @Peace In The Valley Arleta, CALETS WORSHIP 1986 Terry Clark for CatalystPeople @MixMasters San Diego, CA
QUIET TIME 1986- w/Duane Clark for CatalystPeople@MixMaster & Peace In The Valley Arleta, CA
HEAVEN IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY 1989 w/Terry&Duane Clark, for CatalystPeople, w/Alan Harper&Brian Davis @CCCM
LIVE WORSHIP w/TERRY CLARK & The MARANATHA!SINGERS 1989 w/Smitty Price and Wally Grant @Harvest Christian Fellowship Riverside, CA
IN THE SECRET PLACE 1990 Terry & Duane Clark various

I AM YOURS compilation 1992 Clark Brothers
U GADA NO 1993 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople @Red Door & John Lord
LOVE HEALS 1996 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople @Red Door & John Lord
THIS CHRISTMAS 1996 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople @Red Door & John LordONLY BELIEVE 2000 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople @Red Door & John LordThePRIZE 2004 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople @Blue Door Brier,WA & John Lord,WA

TC&M!M 20 YEARS OF WORSHIP compilation 2007 w/Chris Taylor
WE’VE COME TO WORSHIP Live 2008 w/Bob Somma for CatalystPeople @Skyline church Thousand Oaks,CA & Ocean Hills church SanJuanCapistrano,CA

TUYO SOY 2009 w/Jeff Lams for CatalystPeople @CCCM & Now…IN THE STILL 2022 (see IN THE STILL FAMILY for details and names)