Hearts of the fathers to the sons, hearts of the sons to the fathers
For what?

The men of the Body are the guardians and builders of the Body.
Paul lays out the positive focus – take a military posture and an athletic attitude.
Then he points us to see what to guard against – do not allow entanglements in elements that distract and compromise the Nature God has installed in you, viz., the disposition of Jesus.
We are on a battlefield and a racetrack.

God will not do for you what He has given you to do and in return you must stop trying to do what He alone can do. Attend to His instructions and don’t loose sight of them by allowing distractions, getting caught up in issues or priorities that are not clearly spelled out in your security clearance, “need-to-know”, and training. You have been given a specific “main thing.” Your job-one is to keep the main thing the main thing.

1. Bolt down your concentration on the Lord’s every whisper. That is the Intel for the war you are in. Make sure you are on a war footing, not verbally against individuals and not blabbing the secret Intel to every one you meet. The one who does that has taken himself out of the battle and become the prey of his own heart’s prideful seduction. He won’t be taken seriously and will not share in the victory.

2. Take verifiable steps, before your brothers, to make inevitable your determination to win the race. Training, working out, practicing obedience to the voice of the Spirit at every nudge from Him, honing that to a razor edge and dead-on aim by doing it openly in the sight and hearing of your brothers with appreciation for the sharpening affect of their input. Whether that be exposure of a hidden complicity with the enemy or blatant contention with your brothers, it must be dealt with before the Lord, without even a thought of hesitation or debate. That regimen will produce a continual sequence of personal battles. But, if you don’t loose heart, it will also produce the character that is required to stay the course to the finish line.

We take these steps and establish these relationships because we are serious about our responsibility as sons of the living God, the Lord of Hosts and His only begotten Son, our elder Brother and Supreme Commander. We will take every opportunity to exhibit and walk worthy of our calling and loyalty to Him – THIS IS LOVE.

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