Behind making the Catalyst People Audio-Visual Resources

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Catalyst People are those who are available and busy at carrying the specific design and intentions of God to touch the individuals He puts us with. He clothes Himself in our skin so He can personally pour His grace out through our surrendered, physical bodies to accomplish what only He knows those people need. That said, for years we have felt His nudge in a particular direction which has been recently confirmed and called to determined action.

There are many kinds of worship* gatherings. Even in those that have no musicians, there are plenty who would love to lead the way into the intimate, outloud conversations with the Guest of honor. That is after all the reason for gathering. He promises that when we gather and join in the fellowship of everything we know about Jesus, He rises in the middle of those who gather around Him and feeds us on His unique personal conversations with each of us. The Catalyst People library is full of that kind of musical conversations, made public and put to music so our hearts to join in lifting our eyes and voices and move through each of those personal thresholds together as one Body, His Body!

To facilitate that, we have produced videos with the congregational audio of the songs and the lyrics projected over images of God’s creation. They are meant to engage us in an interactive conversation to encourage us to continue to read His Book outloud and to obediently respond and apply all He personally says to each of us while reading and hearing His living Words. The whole of our gathering is to be an intimate interaction between Creator and creature, Shepherd and lamb, Father and child, Savior and redeemed.

An urgent tone is added to this project when we think of how close we are to Jesus calling us to His wedding feast. When we who are ready and waiting disappear from this world, those who have heard the gospel and truth, but never really gave their hearts to Jesus, will realize at once what has happened and either get angry at God and curse Him, along with the rest of the world, OR, suddenly know what their future holds and what they must do to join us. They will be determined to do what we just described – gather around God’s Book, worship and strengthen each other for what their future holds. Here’s where we Catalyst People come in. We can be busy living out the gospel and inviting people to give themselves wholly to Jesus, right now. We can also be putting crucial resources in place for those who are left behind to practice and facilitate being genuine worshipers, to stand for their King and never deny Him. The pictures painted in Scripture show that they will have a very special place in the gathering of the saints in Heaven. We are putting those resources in a storehouse that will be accessible to them to freely download what they need to facilitate those precious gatherings and strengthen them to endure the most horrible time on the earth and still bring many Home with them.

For us now, this means we can download and use these resources in our homes and gatherings for genuine worship so that the Holy Spirit can have a pure and simple portal in which to draw us into a closer walk with Jesus every day. Then we make sure we’ve given these resources to our friends and family and put them in places that will be accessible to those who will be left behind. Sounds like the action part of, “occupying,” “being ready” and “watching for His coming to snatch us away Home.” Love, t

* I must point out the biblical definition of “worship.” It is the core function of our existence as humans. Worship: To read God’s Book together & intentionally engage in being trained to live out His pleasure with our whole being in our daily lives. In the panorama of the Book, that happens interactively “in the congregation,” which is logical since we are part of a living Organism, parts of His Body. We are many unique parts synchronized and moving toward and in direct response to our Head, Jesus. That open, outloud interaction with Him in the sight and hearing of all of His Body-parts present, teaches and practices the physical reality of His headship of a living organism. It trains us to develop and enjoy the beauty and variety of His nature distributed & moving together in our surrendered physical bodies all over the globe, to be broken bread and poured out wine for each other and for those He puts us with during the designed course of every day. We begin to see that that is specifically His purpose in creating the Universe, so that He, who dwells in unapproachable light, not only can be seen and heard but can, with human skin-on, touch and personally care for each of His prize creation.