What do you picture when you see or hear the word WORSHIP?
Does it match what Jesus pictures?

Five 1-hour sessions with the goal of allowing Jesus to fully paint the picture of God’s reality and how we fit in that picture. The urgency of applying ourselves to that picture is that soon we will be living there. If we are immersing our souls daily in His Book, we are daily being transformed by the renewal of our minds.  Engaging in that constant refreshing is the down payment on the eternal life we will enjoy throughout eternity. We are not left alive on this planet with His Spirit installed in us to just continue with our lives the way they are and wait for that day. But this moment, today, because His Spirit is resident in us, we know that we are designed and geographically set in exactly the place He wants to be and with the people He wants to interact with. He specifically and uniquely designed each individual human to provide a physical body in which to clothe a specific part of Himself. Human beings were created for His “glory,” which means Him, God, seen, heard and interacted with in human flesh… ours!

So, our job is to defer to what He wants to say and do, to let Him live out loud in our skin. Why? Because humans are all connected and each of us is responsible for the stewardship of our part of that whole body, His Body, inhabiting every square foot on this planet, integrated with those He has put us with. That “deferring” to Him is His definition of the genuine worship the Father is seeking. [John 4:23-24] He confirmed that definition in every page of His Book and every moment of His life lived in this world. He openly lived that worship-life to communicate it in out loud action and make it available to any of us who will let Him live His life in us. He sends us human gifts to help Him make us into Jesus’ disciples. They’re given to us to immerse us in everything He is, train us to apply Him to our daily lives and help us remember – He is always with us. While you are becoming a genuine worshiper, remember He has set you among people who will respond to Jesus’ life in you as it displaces your own. You are the gift He has sent to them and they are gifts He has sent to you.

15-18 minute Samples:

Come, join the other Body parts as we gather around our Head, our Life, our true identity. Download full sessions now.