Please, come in. We’re happy you stopped by. Feel free to just dive right in and browse. You may have never actually read through a whole website before, but it will be worth it, this one will light a Fire and ring some bells. Here’s some insight into CatalystPeople and just a few of the features and resources inside:

Catalyst is the one-word job-title we’ve chosen for the person who has accepted the Messiah’s invitation to be His extended, fully-functional Body-Part. Being a Catalyst means Jesus has ever-widening authority and expression in every aspect of our lives, as we eagerly comply with each newly clarified aspect of His nature. It also means that, though we would rarely be aware of it, there is an influence wherever we go. That influence is Jesus, Himself, whispering in the ears of the people around us and inviting them to talk and walk with Him. The goal is that they will see actions and words from us that confirm it is Him calling to them. Jesus is the People-Whisperer, we add the flesh & blood touch and audio and visual atmosphere of His own welcoming presence.

CatalystPeople.com provides essential elements of support to Catalysts, whether newly enlisted or veteran. God has created a new day for His specific purposes in us today, every day. Since God has sent His Catalysts to the exact place and time where each of us is today, this minute, and we are being transformed to fit into His eternal design, our job-1 is looking into that Designer, into His face, surrendering our lives to that transformation. By that determined interaction with Him, we are equipped for each moment, He is able to cloth Himself in our skin and be in that place He has sent us and, in our surrendered body, physically interact with the people He planned to connect with while it is called today.

A fundamental element in a Catalyst’s day is time set aside to hear God speak to us personally as we read His Living Book and to respond intimately and courageously to that which He calls us. That intimate conversation with Him is the core of our life, our identity. What Jesus says is the place to start. Listening to His perspective and commands is vital to that conversation. Well, what ARE His commands, then?  What DOES He say about – ____? Fill in the blank with the question needing an answer right now.  Jesus was not only the Creator of human beings, but He also became one of us, so that He could be the undisputed Authority on being us, not just general human beings, but specifically you and me. We are His premier creation, His image-bearer, His physical presence in the physical world.

If you have a Bible reading regimen, we invite you to “turn up the index,” as Oswald Chambers says. Turn up your personal engagement to make it an inevitable staple of every day. If you are not already on a schedule, please join us in the most important resource here at CatalystPeople.com, the Daily Hungry Bible Reader. It is designed, not as a commentary, but a personal commentary engine, a strong starter-kit for us to develop our own interactive record of the conversations with Jesus as we turn that into action throughout the day, sacrificing our natural way, to live out His way. That process gives Him the prerogative to transform and integrate us into His way, His truth, His life so to be one with God and each other. The Bible we hold in our hand today is one Book, not two. So we’ve developed this adventure that coordinates the reading of the Old Testament with multiple times through the New Testament every year. Daily Hungry Bible Reader is truly a full family meal at God’s Table. Learn more.

We have followed Jesus our Savior, Manager, and Booking Agent together for well over 40 years. You can go with us and be a vital part of this great expedition!. Please consider joining in the GO of Catalyst People and CatalystPeople.com. You can go with us by joining Jesus in His prayer closet in intercession for us, for CatalystPeople, for the tasks He puts in our hands and the people we touch in those places indicated on the Calendar. Plus, Catalyst People is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and any offering is tax-deductible. To do that, click Donate here or in the main menu.

If you have questions or just want to visit, click CONTACT and drop us a note. We’ll receive it just about anywhere we may be.

We’re parts of His physical Body, placed where we are, so He can walk among those specific people. So let’s roll!



– It is extremely refreshing to encounter someone who doesn’t have the suction on! Why? With God as our source, what could we lack that would put us in a posture of grasping, opportunistic foraging? Stars – almost completely output, very little suction! "As the stars."