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Matthew (Levi) seems to be one of the quieter disciples. Maybe he had been extremely humiliated by being contemptible to his own people as a tax collector for Rome. Maybe he was further humbled by the instruction of Jesus (Yeshua) to leave that business and follow Him. It is clear that he had a growing grasp of what his people, Israel, needed and that Jesus was the answer to all of it.
I called DISCIPLED BY JESUS an “Accidental Book” because it was not really my goal to write a book. What I wanted to do was to personally dig into Matthew’s own account of what he perceived as he heard and saw Jesus live out every detail in Scripture that foretold the coming of Messiah. I wanted to learn more about that and discover how that perspective would widen my own. It turns out, the expedition ushered me into a more deeply intimate friendship with the Champion Disciple-Maker, my Lord, Jesus. My hope is that Matthew’s personal journal of his expedition will have its full effect on your relationship with the Father and His Son and His influence through you.tc_signature