Meet Dallas Holm

     An invasion took place in 1958 when a young evangelist, saw a Life magazine picture of teenage members of a gang known as the “Egyptian Dragons” being prosecuted in the courts. He was compelled by the Spirit to go to New York & preach to them. Young David, boldly disrupted the court proceedings to ask the judge if he could speak to the teenagers. He was ejected, but his picture hit the news as “the Bible preacher who had interrupted the gang trial.” He began to work with the drug addicts and gang members in the streets and that year founded Teen Challenge in Brooklyn. In 1962 this young preacher co-wrote THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE, telling the story. David Wilkerson and his book became household names and by 1971 that ministry had exploded globally into fruitful evangelistic crusades, discipleship work centers and a church in Time Square. In the midst of that explosion, the sound track was the voice and songs of Dallas Holm. In the process, among Dove Awards & Grammy nominations, his powerful anointing spawned crusades of his own and a ministry expedition that continues today. He mixes his music old and new with a pertinent, personal message, drawing people of all ages into complete surrender to what Jesus designed them for and equipping them for fruitful lives and impact in their families and community. I’m honored to be a friend of this strong man in God’s army.

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