Meet Tommy Coomes

Tommy is one of the icons of the Jesus Movement [LOVE SONG] & Contemporary Christian Music [MARANATHA!MUSIC, PRAISE BAND, TOMMY COOMES BAND, BILLY & FRANKLIN GRAHAM productions & events]. Tommy & Chuck Girard were God’s footmen to usher me into the front lines of Contemporary Christian Music, beginning in 1977 when Tommy asked me to sing Psalm 5, the first of over 60 songs, on more than 30 projects for M!M. Tommy Coomes is a solid servant-leader in the movement that changed the world & is still leading with Jesus, Who is still very active too, you know. Jesus is not a nostalgic legend, nor is the Jesus Movement something to go back to or recapture. He is about this moment, right now, right there where you are. Pick up His book and make sure you’re in step.

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