Meet David Sylvester

                           David Sylvester is pastor of Calvary Chapel York, head of CC Bible College York, husband of Nancy and Dad to Charlie, Rachel, Sarah & Jane. This family has been our close friends for many years. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, (my) Nancy & I returned to England, where we were married, and enjoyed 3 weeks of perpetual family reunion with our UK family established while living there. That included a few days with the Sylvesters and getting to be a part of the ministry going on in York. When we first met them, they were working with a church in Prescott, AZ. David, a master musician, was the worship leader. He & (his) Nancy are now British citizens and firmly rooted where God has put them. Their journey will instruct and encourage your faith in the gracious Creator of everything. He wants all His children to be with Him forever and that includes every moment of every day from now through eternity. You can bank everything on it.

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