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Terry Clark & Friends Radio

Every week, Terry and a valued friend will talk about their
intimate friendship and expeditions with Jesus.

This Week we’re visiting with Oden Fong

Oden Fong is the pastor of Poiema Christian Fellowship in Orange County, CA. He is the only son of Benson Fong who starred in the four dozen Charlie Chan films that ran from 1926 to 1949. Oden was a close friend of the Timothy Leary family and was brought back to life by Jesus after dying of an overdose of LSD, became the voice of the classic Jesus Movement band – Mustard Seed Faith, now, pastor, one of the best Bible teachers of this generation and long-time treasured friend. There’s just nothing not to love about this guy and his beautiful Chinese-Brazilian family. Jesus certainly does good work! Thank you, Jesus!

Oden’s Testimony


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