Meet Victor Marx

Sweet Power

Victor is a former marine and the founder of All Things Possible. He and his wife, Eileen, are top-ranked martial arts trainers and part of a network of God’s veteran Special Forces tactical units being mobilized with the Weapons of our Warfare – His strong Arm of protection, love, and healing, for such a time as this. For example, a single-man incursion to help the mountain villagers being slaughtered in Burma and teams of former SF military, pastors, doctors and counselors, to the hundreds of young girls who escaped bondage in the camps of ISIS in Northern Iraq, for direct boots-on-the-ground help for the people who are being slaughtered by the world’s outbreak of demonic death cults on the planet. For many years Victor has been going into schools and Juvie prisons gathering locked up kids who have been abused into the arms of Jesus’ power and love because he is one of them and is the product today of the power of the love of Jesus to free and transform. He is God’s magnet to draw these kids into the refuge of the Kingdom and now He is sending All Things Possible into the uttermost parts of the world. You will be challenged and inspired by this guy, his testimony & the ATP Ops. We’re very blessed to be part of this family, set apart to serve at the pleasure of the Commander of Heaven’s Armies in the last hours of this Age.


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