Worship in the Bible is not euphoric singing which evokes emotional responses.

Worship in the Bible is personal encounter with One worthy of fear, awe and unfettered love and obedience which evokes not only emotional responses but also complete surrender of all rights to personal quest to gain discovery of what pleases that One. That One, the only One who can possibly deserve that level of obeisance, is Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, the Creator of all that is known, the Annointed One, the Savior of the world which the Father loved enough to send to redeem His children who were marooned in its vortex of darkness and dissipation.

When Jesus said, “God is seeking genuine worshipers,” he was not announcing auditions for guitar players, piano players or singers. He was, of all things, revealing that God, the all-sufficient One, is lacking something and that missing thing that He is seeking is something only you can give Him… YOU. He is seeking people who will make a habit of turning, every time they hear His voice, and coming toward Him, no matter what they must leave behind.

You can give Him that anytime, anyplace. In fact, right here, right now, while it is called “today,” turn. Look away from all the earthly circumstances and voices loudly demanding your attention and look up into His face. Put down whatever would hold you and come toward Him. Give him the gift only you can give. If you can do that, all those other things, which seem so out of synch, will immediately be under His authority, His orchestration. All things work together for the good of those who love God and are answering His call. Romans 8:28

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