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IN THE STILL – An introductory context to the IN THE STILL Project, by Terry Clark:
This biblical insight might give some needed context to someone who may have surprise expectations toward a project titled IN THE STILL. That expectation might continue to be a surprise even after IN THE STILL is released and people discover the aggressive and passionate gospel message of God’s healing & transforming power which runs all through it, sometimes in a “still small voice,” others in a trumpet’s-call awakening!

The title & concept comes from the place it originates and what happens there. It originates in a cave on Mount Horeb on the back side of Megiddo, to which the prophet Elijah ran in order to hide from Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, who had vowed to kill him. Elijah had humiliated the priests of Baal on mount Carmel by calling on God to send fire from heaven to burn up the sacrifice he had prepared, along with the water with which he had flooded everything, to prove Elijah’s God was the real One. The priests of Baal had done everything they could think of to get Baal to do that, but, of course, nothing happened. Elijah ridiculed them, shouting so all on the mountain could hear, “Your God must be asleep! Or maybe, he’s in the closet relieving himself!” Elijah prepared the sacrifice, making sure it was saturated with water and even filled ditch around the altar to overflowing. He then cried loudly to God to consume it all with fire from heaven. God did just that, burning everything to ashes, including the stones of the alter, and lapped up all the water till even the ditch was empty. Maybe you didn’t know God is a Nuclear Power? Elijah then killed all 450 priests of Baal.

After all that, he heard the news that Jezebel had vowed to kill him and he took off running for his life. He got to Mount Horeb. And, he hides in a cave.  God said to him, “Elijah, What are you doing here?” Then God sent a storm, an earthquake, and a destroying wind, but God was not in any of them. No, He was right there in Elijah’s face! Then God whispered in a “still small voice,” &c. That’s where that saying was born. Also, there’s God’s voice saying to the psalmist, recorded in Psalm 46, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

In the history of God’s communication with people (His own personal journal of all His interactions with creatures, humans, angels & devils), God speaks directly to humans who are wholly given to His service, in order to speak through them to specific people. That’s why this project is God’s project revealing a particular man’s pivotal conversations with Him. Yes, that’s gender specific, because that’s the way God made things, so they would have an unbreakable order, a relational glue, and Creation’s context of fulfilling fruitfulness in the human work of living in the world.

The propaganda of today’s world, just as it was in Elijah’s day (and in Noah’s), is trying to sell an “order” and relational context that does not work at all, for anybody, ever. And, by the way, it’s all going to burn, just like Elijah’s sacrifice. No matter how much fire retardant you apply, it will all be destroyed. God has promised to destroy the earth by fire this time, yes that same fire that poured down on Elijah’s sacrifice, not water like He did the first time; but both happen for the same reason. I invite you to let that sink in as you listen to the  IN THE STILL project, which was over 20-years in the making. Its release is very soon and will be announced at and through email to those who are on the email list, so get your address on there. There won’t be any extra emails; just the announcement, with links to listen and stock up on the spot. And may the God of all creation speak to your heart as you join in the conversations of transformation. TC