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Good listening
CD Sampler – plays samples of our CDs
Worship GPS – includes alternating shorts of And That’s Worship – Terry’s audio series of 3-minute real-life allegories of Scripture-defined worship, and Songs with Commentary – Terry’s audio series of 7-minute shorts of songs with his personal insight into the message the song conveys.

GOOD reading
TheCOMMISSION – The last section of Terry’s personal narrative through Matthew’s gospel
Tuyo Soy
– The story of the making of this special Spanish outreach project
Hungry Bible Reader  – A fundamental element of the life of a Catalyst is a time set aside daily to hear God speak to us personally as we read His Book and to respond intimately to what He says.  If you are not already on a schedule, consider joining us in the Hungry Bible Reader schedule.  Over many years now Terry has developed this adventure that coordinates the reading of the Old Testament with multiple times through the New Testament every year. It is essential to personally read Scripture, “the whole Seed in fertile soil,” so this is for people who are doing that with us and does not provide sound-byte commentary that may be a substitute for the unabridged installation, but points to one of the many plausible Core Messages in the day’s reading, then adds Flash Cards to highlight some of the key elements and an action point to provide vital perspective.
Letters – from Catalyst People
Links – 1. to trusted music resources and  2. to ministries supported by CatalystPeople

Helpful TIP: open one “tab” in your browser and click on CD Sampler, click on one of the CDs to start to play the samples, then open another “tab” in your browser and click on Hungry Bible Reader or one of the other Catalyst Resources and Viola! you will have background music while you study God’s word!