IN THE SECRET PLACE is the continuation in worship by Terry and Duane Clark.  It continues the story of the life of a worshipper that was begun with LIVING WORSHIP and LET’S WORSHIP and now engages the whole family.  Terry and Duane have written equal parts of this project and in addition are two songs from Bob Cull, who was very key figure in the early days of Christian music, with songs likeOpen Our Eyes Lord.

Each of the parcipitation-focused songs remind the worshipper of our calling to deep dwelling intimacy with our Father.  The secret place is our home.


Produced by: Terry & Duane Clark

Engineered by: Brian Davis & Andy Allen

Recorded & mixed at: Asaph Studios, Santa Ana

Vocals: Terry, Nancy, Duane & Cathy Clark

Piano & keyboards: Terry Clark

Bass & guitars: Duane Clark

David Judd 6 string custom bass played on Oh Messiah I Want To Serve You

Art direction & design by: John Shaffer

Photography by: Dianne McVay

Special thanks to Cherie Thompson for graciously allowing her home to be photographed.

Kids Choir on SING PRAISE:

Jason Laudadio

Jeremy Laudadio

Melissa Laudadio

Cara Olinger

Emily Olinger

Melissa Olinger


1.     Come Let Us Sing

2.     Sing Praise

3.     Enter In

4.     Open The Gates

5.     The Shelter Of Your Presence/In Your Presence

6.     In The Secret Place

7.     My Voice Rises

8.     Worship The Lamb

9.     Jesus I Believe

10.  Oh Messiah

11.  I Want To Serve You

12.  I’ll Pick Up My Cross

13.  He Who Dwells