ONLY BELIEVE can be a cliché  JESUS SAVES, which was just that when I was a boy growing up in the environment of church and a Christian home.  That happens when something is repeated a lot. REVIVAL is another term that became a cliché.  But revival is exactly what I would like to propose for these nuggets of foundational truth. Those words were used in abundance because they were the boiled-down freedom cries of a common people who had discovered that the power of God to transform mankind had been made accessible to them. That power is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That Gospel is really good news to the weary, the oppressed, the rejected; and is received, not attained through ritual and dogma.  God’s love is for every person who will believe on the One He sent, Jesus.


This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.” – John 6:29


Produced by: Roby Duke

Recorded at: Big Blue, Seattle

Mixed by: Michael Lord, Seattle

Mastered by: DigiPrep, Hollywood

Vocals: Terry Clark, Nancy Clark, Roby Duke

Choir: Imani Fellowship Choir, director: Sam Townsend

Keys, pianos, B3: Terry Clark, Gary Verrill, Nick Manson

Guitar, arrangements, programming: Roby Duke

All songs: Terry Clark ©Clark Brothers Keepers

Except Softly And Tenderly by Will Thompson, 1847-1909


Traditional Spanish translation & arrangement by: Hermanos Gutierrez

Requinto guitar, percussion & vocals: Arturo Gutierrez

Accoustic bass & vocals: Jose Luis Gutierrez

Cover design: John Shaffer

Cover photo of Milky Way: Steven Lee, Anglo-Australian Observatory

Cover photo of Terry: Jim Sisco

Other photos: NASA & NASA Space Science Data Center

Neptune 77-076!-01N, Dr. Bradford A Smith, Team Leader, Voyager 2 Project

Earth & Moon 89-084B-10B, Dr Michael JS Belton, Team Leader, Galileo Project

Jupiter & Moon  PhotoDisc

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1.    God You’re So Good

2.   High And Lifted Up

3.   Oh Lord I Love You

4.   We’ve Come To Worship You

5.    Hear The Heavens

6.   Grateful

7.    When I Consider

8.   The Lord God Almighty Reigns

9.   Stand On The Rock

10. Only Believe

11.  Softly And Tenderly