A quiet alternative to the latest technology, big-production recordings. How about real instruments? That would be a novelty indeed. That’s exactly how we felt as we thought about the need for more quiet time in the demanding, loud world in which we live.

Quiet is a novel concept in its own right. Quiet is relative to the environment and defined more by contrast than by pure definition. Depending on how clamorous your lifestyle, quiet for you may be downright deafening for someone else. On the other hand, what that person considers quiet might be an excruciating vacuum for you, too distracting to relax.

That’s where real instruments come into the picture. Technology has brought the sounds of varied instruments to us in such a high quality that, as long as those sounds are played together with other sounds, they sound real. BUT, and that’s a deafening BUT, if played exposed to nothing but air and your ears, they will always leave something to be desired. There are very good technical reasons for that but we don’t really need to know those reasons to be able to judge. Your brain is too busy trying to pretend that your ears are hearing the real thing to actually be able to relax and enjoy the God-given medication that comes through the natural expression of a real instrument.

In the Quiet Time series, Duane has conducted real players, who are real worshipers, playing real instruments, because that is the only way to provide what the title conveys, and because we believe…You could use some Quiet Time.

Quiet Time I&II – CD
Quiet Time I, II, III & Christmas – Cassette, pay shipping only