A Catalyst is a disciple of Jesus and that means there is spiritual influence wherever we go. That influence is Jesus, whispering in the ears of the people around you. Wherever you go you are bringing people and Jesus together. CatalystPeople.com wants to be a place to access important resources at your own pace, on your own schedule that will equip you to be all that Jesus has created you to be. Jesus is the Resource.

Here are some tools to help look more intently into Him and listen more intently to Him. If you determine to do that, it is guaranteed that you will be where He wants you to be, doing what He wants you to do, each moment. Eternal life is this: knowing, loving and enjoying Him and His incredible and unique design for your life in this moment.

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Bible Reading For The Hungry – A fundamental element of the life of a Catalyst is a time set aside daily to hear God speak to us personally as we read His Book and to respond intimately to what He has said.  If you are not already on a schedule, consider joining us in the.  Over many years now Terry has developed this adventure that coordinates the reading of the Old Testament with multiple times through the New Testament every year. The most important part is the reading of Scripture, so Terry does not expound on the passages but points to a Core Message in the day’s reading, then adds Flash Cards to remember key elements along with a short note giving perspective.

Jesus Words – To extend that daily reading, Terry is sharing his ongoing personal study of the red letters in the New Testament. Jesus is the Living Torah, the Word of God illustrated in human flesh, walking and working in the natural world which He came to save. We must have a deep curiousity and determination to know what He means us to understand when He speaks to us personally as we read His Book. The clue that we understand is that what He is saying confirms and is confirmed by the whole panorama of Scripture.

A very important Resource is the Listening and Reading Rooms. The Listening Room is 3 different MP3 players.
1. New Clark Brothers’ Music Box, which plays brand new music by Terry or Duane,
2. CD Samples, which plays samples of our CDs and…
3. And That’s Worship, Terry’s series of 3-minute thoughts on worship.

From time to time, Terry also adds articles in the Reading Room and on Terry’s Blog.

Other Resouces:
News From Israel – 5 latest updates from Joel Rosenberg’s Blog
Tuyo Soy – The story of the making of this special Spanish outreach project
Letters – from the family of Catalysts
Links – to ministries supported by CatalystPeople

TIP: open one “tab” in your browser and click on CD Samples, click on one of the CDs to start to play the sampling, then open another “tab” in your browser and click on Bible Reading for the Hungry and viola! you will have background music while you study God’s word!