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Arianna Caligiuri is the head of EDGE Project, which is an annual summer project in Altea~Alicante, Spain. Because of this very unique work, Arianna is invited to speak, in the US as well as internationally, to colleges & universities, including Berkley, Westmont & Biola, about the empowering of young people through the Arts, Culture & Faith. We’ve known the Caligiuri family for many years while they’ve been establishing missions in Mexico, Greece, Germany and now Spain, each place the Lord has sent them they’ve been supernaturally adapted by the Holy Spirit for the specific people, language and culture they’ve been sent to, a truly awesome phenomenon to behold. They speak fluently in each of those languages.

Steven now works for Saddleback church and Arianna heads up the current Caligiuri missions venture. EDGE Project is an opportunity each summer for young people who love Jesus & the arts and want to take that package to this beautiful, ancient little town, one of the arts centers of Europe, & learn to live their life in Jesus outloud to touch the people He wants to connect with wherever He may put them.