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Ben Ortize is the son of Ken & Jamie Ortize, pastor of Calvary Spokane, WA. We’ve watched this brilliant young man grow and mature into a valuable asset to the Kingdom. He’s got a beautiful family and pastors Grace Sandpoint Church in Sandpoint, ID. He has recently established a new Bible College up in the Cabinet Mountains just on the Montana side of the border of Idaho, Ben’s intense determination to do what Jesus wants to do, the way He wants it done, puts him, his family & the church just on the Real Deal side of the border of Man’s Traditions. That’s why I love this guy so much. Ben is a rare leader in this day of everybody studying to be more clever, instead of more identified with Jesus and authentically walk in His Reality. God’s Word is full of the proof of the result of those 2 divergent paths. Ben has chosen to bear fruit to the Kingdom of God, rather than to the flesh’s appetite for the innovative and sensational.

Please join us. I know you’ll be challenged and encouraged!