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Duane Clark is my only brother & the only certified musician in a very musical family. He’s actually got papers! After my discharge from the military, Duane suggested to the young church band, who had just lost their piano player/leader, that since I play piano they might ask me to help them. I became the replacement and that began several years of working together and a custom album titled The Children of Faith. He is one of the foremost guitarists in his genre, a great bass player and, along with Nancy, has always been a key vocal presence in our events and recordings. I must say, Duane is the best worship-team builder I’ve ever encountered. His nature of a true pastor was obvious right from his graduation from high school. Except for the years we were on the road together, he was on staff at one church or another since his college days. He and Cathy, along with their two grown, genius children live in Lancaster, CA, where Duane is part of the pastoral staff and Cathy is head of Women’s Ministries at Grace Chapel, an enormously fruitful and literal ministry factory. There’s a lot of history and stories of God’s personal, detail-coordinating hand in our lives. I know you’ll be encouraged and inspired by joining this conversation unwrapping his behind-the-scenes walk with Jesus. Contact Duane