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Ken Ortize, the pastor of Calvary Spokane, WA, husband, father, author, biblical scholar and dear friend. He and his family have long been treasured friends and conspire together on a regular basis to make trouble for the rebellion against our heavenly Father’s gracious rule in His Creation and especially in His favorite one, humans. I instinctively love Ken, because he is God’s man, husband, father and leader, not a “company man” for an organization. He’s always ready to dig in God’s Book and settle any debate or confusion by getting to the bottom of what the Author of Life meant when He generously gave it and then what that eternal Truth looks and sounds like right now, right here in me. So, people of that mind sitting together over a cup of coffee with the panorama of that Book in view… well, it is fellowship most stimulating and transformative, the deepest fun this life can afford. That is the stuff of being Jesus’ functional, engaged, active and healthy Body parts. This visit is one of those occasions. Join us. You won’t be sorry you did, unless of course, you aren’t comfortable with the continual movement – out of ourselves and toward where Jesus is standing and inviting us to come. My goodness, what an expedition, this ever-freshening, ever-flowing life with Jesus in God!