Be an extension of that reality.

A beautiful and powerful resource for the missions and ministries working in Spanish-speaking communities. TUYO SOY is available for retail purchase but its primary purpose is to be available by-the-box for those ministries which will make the most fruitful use of it as part of their evangelism and discipleship efforts. They can be sent to ministries that we are connected with or to specific ministries designated by you. Just contact us.

We’ve known for many years that we would someday record a Spanish album, but Tuyo Soy has gone beyond all our dreams. We teamed up with the Gutierrez Brothers who translated all but one of the songs and were committed to communicating the messages of the songs in a way that the listener would have the least distraction from our accent and just hear the Lord calling them. Tuyo Soy is the silent song of every human’s heart. We just want to help make the song audible and the intimacy with Jesus real and transforming.

Read the story of the making of TUYO SOY and also read all the liner notes from the CD cover – Lyrics & Credits, as well as Terry’s Testimony & Invitation in English.

Hear a Sample of the title song from Tuyo Soy.