Hello fellow Catalysts.
Welcome to the new, not-so-secret Secret Place!

We want CATALYSTPEOPLE.COM to be a great place to hang out, get new materials, listen, study and connect. Having said that, please consider the incredibly powerful substitution for actual personal relationship that the world offers and, if we allow it, literally dominates us with 24/7.

Remember, we go to the Secret Place for the Holy Spirit to make ys the Word, alive with skin on, to those He gives us to out in the common everyday Public Place. All that we know about Jesus, He wants to be – through us, to them. Ask for it! Let it happen! Actively, not conceptually. Doers, rather than just hearers. If the internet, or anything else, is not equipping you for that, exhorting you toward that and generating that active, outloud, life, interactively engaged in those around you, unplug it!!