Catalyst People resources are designed to introduce people to conversational intimacy with our Creator-Father and His Son, Yeshua, Jesus, our Savior. The more we get to know them by the Holy Spirit’s residence and teaching in our hearts, the more we realize that intimacy in Him is what we were designed and destined for when we were created. Music is one of a multitude of natural expressions of that conversation. It radiates in all directions from everything we do and even how we do what we do if we love Him and want to please Him with all we are. That is the good news that Jesus made reality for us. As we persistently go out of ourselves to Him, deferring to His disposition in us, we are the fulfillment of His own definition of the genuine worshiper the Father is seeking. [John 4]

The music, videos, and materials at are produced and offered exclusively to introduce and train those our Lord connects to us to become what our Father has created them to be: His joy and Jesus’ physical body, boots on the ground, living and working in every place on Earth. Our time is short. Be a functional Catalyst People. Stock up with God’s Book and these resources to put them into other hands as He connects them to you. He is the Gift and He keeps giving through those who are willing to be as generous as He is.

Bless you, as you follow Jesus and prepare all that you steward to be a resource for those who know about Jesus but have just hung on the periphery and haven’t given their hearts over to Him. Most of them have heard enough of the Word to know what being left behind will mean, so they’ll need every resource we can leave them.

Hid with Jesus the Messiah in God and headed Home,
Terry Clark

Reading Room list


LOVE short
LOVE full
Love One Another
God’s People
“Filled With The Spirit”
Research: Why Do People Believe In Lies?
Why Are All Humans Born In Sin?
Why Read The Bible?
About Daily Hungry Bible
Miraculous Story of Tuyo Soy
Single-Focused Universe
Fathers & Sons
Where R We? & How’d We Get Here?
Recovering Satisfactory
Pinhole Perspective
How Can A Loving God …?
Five Foolish Girls, A Young Man & A Fig Tree
Discerning The Body
Worship In The Congregation
Church Is What Happens
Music – Oh Yes! There’s Music!
So You Still Want To Be A Pastor, A Teacher, A Worship Leader?
Hearing Jesus’ Voice
Come To Me
Against All Odds
“Free Love”
The Thickening Veil