Identify with Jesus, not your “talent”
Judges 5-6 / Proverbs 19 / 2Timothy 1-4

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Judges 5:11 Listen to the village musicians gathered at the watering holes. They recount the righteous victories of the LORD, and the victories of his villagers in Israel. Then the people of the LORD marched down to the city gates.

6:16 The LORD said to him, “I will be with you. And you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against one man.”

Proverbs 19:18 Discipline your children while there is hope. If you do not, you will ruin their lives.


2:10-13 I am willing to endure anything if it will bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus to those God has chosen. This is a true saying: If we die with him, we will also live with him. If we endure hardship, we will reign with him. If we deny him, he will deny us. If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.

3:16-17 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is God’s way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do.

4:5 But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at bringing others to Christ. Complete the ministry God has given you.

OT Flash Points

History preserved in a song
Gideon, an illustration of God’s kind and patient interaction with man
The standard again is established: God is strong, we are weak
Walking with Him?
Let Baal defend himself!

Proverbs: Wisdom gives patience
They earn esteem by overlooking wrongs

NT Flash Points

You can trust the message and training you were given because you can trust the ones who gave it to you
Grace, Mercy and Peace


Facing Reality: Identification with Jesus comes as we consecrate our claim to our right to ourselves, our body (not just our talent) to Him
This brings delight and inspiration
— Where a man goes back is where any man may go back
The least likely thing is where the danger lurks
You will fall on your strong points, not your weak ones – like every Bible character
Where you would forecast the peril is the least likely danger

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