Jesus' Booking Agency

Jesus’ over-all authority comes from the fact that He is God, from His vantage point as He oversees all the movement in His project called “Universe” and intercedes for every human being [the center-piece of His Creation] currently participating in the project.

That is the foundation from which God promises, “Seek first the Kingdom (Reality & Nature) of God and all these things (needs, desires and influence) will be added to you.” His design is so complete and so perfect that if I give myself exclusively and unreservedly to Him, I will discover that every element of every day is designed specifically, personally for me.

In fact, I have discovered that application of the Nature of God knows no boundaries. There is no situation or circumstance, ever, in which His Way will not perfectly apply. God’s Word is the absolute and inexhaustible expression of reality, from the tiniest emanation of light or matter in our universe to the expanse of the infinite Kingdom of God. That means it is the standard for every aspect of my life if I want to be what, where and who Jesus created me to be, every minute of my commission here on this planet and beyond.

So, as you can see, “Jesus’ Booking Agency” is a trivial, sound-byte expression of something pervasively inherent in the confession that I am His and one of His Body parts as I navigate through each day and interact with the people He gives me to.

He gives us stewardship authority over certain elements of our life. But we tend to assume way too much authority over the elements that only God can design perfectly for us. It is our responsibility to command the few elements that He has entrusted to our stewardship according to what They (God=3 Persons) have revealed in Their Book.