Common sound-byte misconceptions:

HEAVEN – “…to get to go to…” “When we go to…”, etc.
PRAYER – for something, to get something accomplished. [Not to be confused with meditation or intercession for someone. Meditation is intimate integration into God’s insight to fruitful application of His Word. Intercession is joining Jesus in His full-time occupation in His prayer closet, at least during this Age. Jesus is the Intercessor. Simply for the joy of deep fellowship, I join His battles.]
HEAVEN is not merely a place to go after death. Heaven is a kingdom ruled by the King of kings and Lord of lords to the glory of God our Father, to which every human resident of this planet is invited and offered every provision necessary to be a citizen in good standing. Until death, we who are citizens of HEAVEN are just commuters to this world, the King’s physical boots on the ground where He puts us. We are commissioned to be His personal invitation to the people He puts us with to become fully functional as the unique part of His Kingdom He designed them to be.
PRAYER is the “work” that maintains continual citizenship in good standing. John 6:29 “This is the work that citizenship requires, to BELIEVE ON, put your complete, unwavering trust in the one who God sent.” That breaks us free from the clutches of our kidnappers, who use us as slaves in the rebellion against God’s gracious gift of life completely free of evil domination. That domination cannot hold us anymore if we are not lured away from the One who conquered it, away from union with the King, in the Father, managed and empowered by His own disposition and power. That powerful disposition is invisible to this world but more real and substantive than any physical reality. It’s invisible to the world because He wants to show Himself through the specific body and personality He has designed and entrusted to us. Simply put, that means unbroken communion with Him and thoughts, actions and articulated words directly from His mind, with passion straight out of His Heart. PRAYER is my responsive part of the personal conversation between me and Him that maintains my unbroken, unhesitating movement in perfectly synched communion – some have called it the Divine Dance. PRAYER is the personal conversation while dancing in God, the Father, with God, the Son, in the power and passion of God, the Spirit, which, by the way, is the only spirit who is Holy. That, dear fellow Body-parts, is HEAVEN and always will be no matter where He puts us at the time.

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