gayleportrait_f Lloyd   Danny Lehmann

Gayle Erwin, Lloyd Pulley & Danny Lehmann

Here’s 3 of my favorite friends & fellow servants in the King’s business. Modern-day fully-armed messengers courageously marching through the enemy’s strongholds & exposing his lies by lifting up & proclaiming that the name of the Creator & Savior of the world is Yeshua, Jesus, Isa, Yesu. This week is a triple-header. Visits with Gayle Erwin, Lloyd Pulley & Danny Lehmann, 3 giants of open & outloud faith. They were recorded in 3 different locations and a powerful witness to God’s genius global Divine Dance of Father, Son & Spirit with the joyous addition of fully integrated, full-function human Dance partners. Oh, and the damage they have done to the kingdom of Satan! Simple, straight, genius people, fully given to & charged by the Spirit like these three are the reason the devil is exploding with rage. But the Light, God’s grace lived-out-in-human-skin, wins! HALLELUYAH! These guys blow the doors off their hinges!