On Sept. 30th I awoke to a silent house. Even the birds nesting under the eaves of the house were unusually quiet. I decided to listen to your tape (CD), We’ve Come To Worship. I turned up the volume so as to fill each room with praise. As I was singing along with you I realized the birds outside had joined us. They were not chirping, but singing! I stopped to listen to those tiny creatures worshiping the Lord with us. Then the power of the Holy Spirit filled the house and even after the tape came to an end. This experience has reinforced my belief that praise is powerful and most of all, it pleases God. Even His birds rejoice. Between me and my family, I believe we have all of your tapes and are always blessed by them. Thank you for the many hours of what I call “a touch from heaven.” God is so good. May He continue to bless you and your ministry. Dolores Thompson