[June 28, 2010]

Dear Terry and Nancy,

The Lord is using you much more than you could ever comprehend in ministering to Charles.  He had taken a turn for the worse since we returned from Anchorage, even though we had been given a little encouragement, and on Friday night he slept, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and I was able to get him up for a couple hours today just to sit up.

He asked for a CD player this afternoon, and in went Terry and Nancy Clark’s CD’s and once again God was ministering peace to his heart.  He has two favorite CD’s of yours that he keeps by the player and changes them in and out.  With the situation as it stands not being a long prognosis, I have been trying to make plans for his services back in Visalia (in my mind) for when the time comes.  It seems God has put that on my heart even as difficult as it currently is, I would like this well planned to honor God and Charles.

I could not have his services without some of Terry and Nancy’s music…….since those are the only CDs he chooses to listen to for the calming of his mind and his fellowship with the Lord.  So, I am asking you when the Lord does take him home, do you mind me using some of the songs from your CD’s  being played during the honoring of his life.  It is such a huge part of what God is using to help him,  and I would like to share this story if you do not mind. I do not know when God’s time for him to be called home is ,but I do know that every trip to Anchorage is filled with your music during our 4 1/2 hr trips there and 4 1/2 hr trip home to Homer.  And then times like now when he is very weak and tired………the CD’s are playing. Prior to our last trip most mornings he would be up before me and when I came upstairs…morning or afternoon, again there was Terry and Nancy Clark in my kitchen singing their songs.

Thank you again, I am unable to communicate the depth of my appreciation for your ministry of worship and how it is ministering to both Charles and me.  To God be the glory and may He continue to give you songs of worship, one after another. I have several that are my favorites, but when I hear the one that says…..I am that leper, I am that blind man….I am cut to the core because even though He sees me clothed in the righteousness……I still know I am that leper and blind man.

May God bless you in return for how you are blessing my husband and preparing him for heaven.

Thank you again,
My love,
janine xo

[Charles went to heaven on the morning of July 31st, 2010]