I wanted to write you and share with you a special thing that is happening within our worship team at my church. My family and I are attending an Evangelical Presbyterian fellowship and they recently formed a Praise Band, I joined a few months ago playing acoustic guitar (normally worship has consisted of the Choir, Hymns, Bell Choir, etc…). There’s nothing wrong with the worship, but once a month we’re sharing more contemporary worship with our Praise Band at all 3 services.


I have been a big fan of your music for several years. I ordered the Clark Brothers Resource CD’s and Music Book recently and have been sharing these songs with the worship leaders. We’ve done “Your My Lord God” three Sunday’s already and plan to do “Thank You Jesus” on March 28th. Your songs and music have been well received by our church family and the worship leaders on staff are being totally blessed and encouraged by these songs! I plan on introducing them to more Clark Brothers worship songs throughout the year.

I wanted to thank you and Duane for releasing this invaluable resource. Your songs are the perfect fit for a church that is pretty conservative, but yet is open to spirit-filled and scripturally sound worship music.

God bless you, Nancy, and Duane. Your music and leadership in worship have had such a significant impact on my faith and music ministry – I couldn’t begin to tell you just how much!