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John 21:7 That disciple whom Jesus loved therefore said to Peter, “IT’S THE LORD!”

It is a familiar story about the risen Jesus going to the Sea of Tiberias/Galilee, where the disciples have gone to fish. They have been fishing all night. At the break of day Jesus makes a fire on shore, puts some fish on to cook and calls to those out on the water in their boats, Hey boys, have you caught anything?
“No!” they responded.
Throw the net out on the other side of the boat! Jesus says.
Probably Peter answers, “We’ve been fishing all night… but whatever!” and they throw the net. It is immediately teaming with more fish than the net can hold. John instinctively pivots and strains to see the figure on the shore and gasps, “IT’S THE LORD!”

John 20:27-28 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!”
It was such a blessing to see and hear you last night at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Va. As I heard you singing when I entered the church, God reminded me of an anniversary I almost forgot. The first and last time I heard you perform in person was 5 years ago, September 19, 2007. You were again performing at Cornerstone Chapel that night. That day was already special to me because it was my 10 year wedding anniversary, but God took that day to a whole new level for me through your songs. Not knowing God, and having spent most of my life sure that He didn’t exist, the last place I wanted to spend my 10 year anniversary was at a mid-week church service listening to worship songs. I struggled against the idea all day long until finally God did something to get my attention. At that point I yelled out “Fine, you want me to go tonight then I’ll go. If you do exist then prove it to me!” Boy did He ever! That night I sat in the back of the sanctuary with my wife, prepared to be bored. At the opening of your first song I was overwhelmed with a tremendous sorrow. The more I tried to control the feeling the worse it got. As you continued to sing, and the pastor prayed over the congregation I felt pain and heartache, like things were being ripped from me. I’ve honestly never cried like that in my entire life. For the entire hour that you and your wife sang, I cried and fought until I was exhausted and couldn’t fight anymore. When I finally stopped fighting, and you sang “Thank You Jesus”, I was overwhelmed by a flood of emotion and thankfulness I’d never experienced before. And when the last song was sung, and the last prayer prayed, the tears stopped suddenly. I sat up in my chair a new and stronger man. That night I surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I have been on fire for Christ ever since, and have experienced God working in and through my life in ways I could never have imagined. God has brought opportunity to be discipled and to disciple, lead and comfort others in a walk with Christ. In 2009 and 2010 He sustained my family when I lost a business two short weeks before finding out my wife had stage 3 breast cancer. He provided for us through a difficult year of cancer treatments and inability to find work, only to confirm His plan for me to be home with my wife and kids during her treatments by bringing me a new job only two weeks after my wife was declared to be in remission. God has been so incredibly good, and has changed my life in many profound ways. Hearing you again at service last night brought back all the emotions of joy and thankfulness for who He is, how much He loves all of us despite our failings, and what He has done in giving me a new life. Thank you again for your ministry and for allowing God to use you and your music to touch the hearts of others for Christ!
A Very Thankful Brother in Christ, Ray
I have been blessed by Terry Clark’s Ministry since 1980’s. I worked on a prayer line in Dallas for the 700 club on the night shift. Just out of college filled with the Holy Spirit, I would listen to people pour out their needs on the phone. I would come home before I could sleep and put on my headphones and listen to Let’s Worship and Living Worship until I had poured out all of those needs before the throne. Those worship songs are the greatest gift my Heavenly Father could have given me.”
my husband and i were in Gods ministry together
satan came in, my sister in the Lord stole my husband. They married the day after divorce. god told me i had to forgive, love, and bless them and I did. I moved far away,found out a year later they were not together but a short while. I just kept on with my Jesus that never lets me down.

9 years ago i went from supervisor of nursing to a blind woman. I cried for 5 days, then got up took hold of my Jesus’ hand, learned everything i could at blind school, braille, mobility. Kept right on ministering for Jesus at blind school, preaching at every church the Lord opens the door for me, teaching Sunday School, cooking and making bread for my neighbors. People always say I am the happiest blind woman they have ever seen.

3 years ago I obtain another one of Gods miracles, my collie guide dog. this has been a huge opportunity to witness for Jesus cause people stop me everywhere I go commenting on how beautiful my Lassie look alike dog is. That opens the door for me too tell them she is another wondrous miracle to me from Jesus’ hands and I have had many. I am happy, at peace, blessed with my cup spilling over.

I got a call out of the blue, after 9 years of no contact from my former preacher husband. He went totally blind 2 years ago. had to quit work, lives way out in sticks alone, helpless, hopeless, he says the only prayer he ever prays is to be dead by morning. He has not been in any church in 3 years. this is a man that would sit for hours listening to your Lets worship tape, tears streaming down his face because he loved Jesus so much. oh it was the most beautiful thing to see. he is not, as he says, hopeless, bitter, worthless, and just wants to die. This has to be the Lords hand…strange..God still has his wonderful plan. He is totally broken, and I know Jesus has his hand out to him still. So today I ordered your Lets Worship tape. I shall pray over it, annoint it and send it to him along with talking bible on tape, TV and Computer screen magnifiers and I shall contact churches where he lives and get them to visit him at home, contact everyone I know at churches all over the country to pray for his restoration.

I shall be continually in prayer for him and fasting. Satan cannot have this man of God. He cannot. Jesus already claimed him.Your voice reaches down in his soul and mine pouring Jesus over the wounds of life. I pray for your ministry. Keep singing for Jesus. There is no better song. Soon, and very soon we shall behold him, till then I just want to live his plan for my life. This 69 yr old blind lady sees more lovely in my soul than I did with 20/20 vision.
In Christ,
The humor of Jesus. ;o)

Here’s something I posted on a website in response to a request about church experiences. This happened at a Vineyard Church in the Denver area while you were playing.  In about 1984 I was at a church service where the singer/speaker was talking about the prodigal son. I was deeply moved and just sat there crying with my eyes closed, elbows on my knees and my cheekbones resting in the palms of my hands. I sobbed silently for what seemed like fifteen minutes or so. I was really, really tore up. I was praying and asking God to please forgive me for continuing to smoke pot. After I sensed His love and forgiveness toward me, I was still having trouble regaining my composure. I prayed again to Him for help so I could enjoy the music and the rest of the service. I told him that I just didn’t want to cry anymore. I opened up my eyes and saw that a long stringy snot was hanging from my nose and had almost reached the floor! I went from crying to laughing in a half second. I don’t think anyone else saw it but it was pretty embarrassing anyway.

Miraculous Healing at Calvary Church Service, January 23, 2012

Dear Terry and Nancy,

I was encouraged to prepare this correspondence by Mr. Shelby Rogers in Davis, CA.  Do you remember leading worship music at the Calvary Chapel in Santa Barbara on January 23, 2012?  My wife, Sandra, and I attended the 09:00 service on that day.  We observed that the Holy Spirit was drawn to the church while you were leading worship before the sermon, remained throughout the service by Pastor David Guznik, and increased his presence when you lead worship following Pastor Guznik’s wonderful sermon.  This day is also notable to us for another related reason.  I was largely healed from a severe neck injury during this service!

Prior to walking into church on this particular Sunday, I was suffering for 5 months from 3 herniated disks in my neck.  One of these 3 disks was quite bad.  There was constant pain in my neck, shoulder and arm.  Part of my hand was often numb.  Sitting, standing, and lying were tolerable only for short periods.  My mind and ability to think clearly were significantly impacted and work and professional judgment were compromised.  My orthopedic surgeon expected me to recover in about 12 months without surgery, but, if not, then he’d operate.  In addition to this surgeon, I regularly received services from a chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist.

Before the after-sermon worship was completed, I was healed 75% to 80% by the Holy Spirit; which advanced my recuperation schedule by 5 to 6 months.  It also allowed me to be nearly pain free and, significantly, allowed my mind to function at professional capacity just in time to begin a job with my new employer.  Prior to this healing, I struggled to work 20 hours per week.  Following this healing, I’m capable of working in excess of 40 hours and producing high quality product.  My profession is engineering, so precision, rapidity, and ability to meet exacting standards are paramount.

During the pre-sermon worship that you lead, the Holy Spirit momentarily exerted His love for me as a pressure on my chest many times.  The pressure was delivered from an unseen circular conduit having a diameter equal to the width of my chest. This continued for brief periods throughout Pastor Guznik’s sermon.  During the post-sermon worship that you lead, the Holy Spirit exerted Himself continuously, rather than momentarily, upon me for a duration of about 15 minutes.  The force was so great it nearly pushed me out of the chair I was sitting in.  To maintain my seating, I squeezed Sandra’s hand tightly throughout this period.  Also during this time, my entire neck became heated.  This heat was present for the length and circumference of my neck and was warm enough that perspiration broke on my brow.  I could feel changes occurring in my neck.  When the heat in my neck and the pressure on my chest dissipated and my faculties were regained, I noticed 3 conditions within a moment.  They were: 1) the most problematic vertebrae had been put back into its proper position, 2) there was no more pain (none!) in neck, shoulder, or arm, and 3) there was no numbness in my hand.

Sandra and I knew we’d experienced a miracle.  Undoubtedly, it was a moving experience for us and we have continued to thank God daily for it.  One aspect of this miracle that intrigues has to do with the prayers of my heart during worship and throughout the sermon.  My prayers were not requests for healing, but rather prayers of thanksgiving to Our Father.  I was thanking Him throughout the service for the bountiful blessings He had given me throughout the years: His Son; freedom to worship; many Christ-based churches wherever I have lived; the power of His words; His ever present companionship; a devoted Christian wife; healthy mother and mother-in-law; loving father and father-in-law (both deceased); intelligent loving sister and sisters-in-laws; wonderful big black dog; good education; pretty home; automobiles; etc.

And with that, the Holy Spirit bore down and healed me with His power!  In my mind, your service to the Lord on this particular Sunday was integral to this healing because you helped bring the Holy Spirit to the congregation.  Your service is anointed and it is even evident in your recordings.  Thank you.

In closing, know that my healing is so thorough that my orthopedic surgeon is very sure full recovery will occur without surgery.

With Christ’s love,
Bill Schaal

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents focsed on Jesus and relationship rather than religion. I understood mentally what that meant but had yet to meet Jesus Christ for myself. By the age of 14 all had changed. My parents marriage was falling apart. My father turned to drugs and my mother to alcohol. My brother and sisters all stopped attending church and began running their own lives. I decided to do the same. The next five years of my life were wild. With no parent that really cared, I was left to myself. I threw myself into drugs, alcohol, violence, pornography, and all the other filthiness of this world. I was often the life of the party, but inside I was miserable. I woke up every morning empty, beginning to hate life. At 19, I began to wonder again about Jesus. I often would push the thoughts out of my head, feeling ashamed of myself and my family. One night while stocking shelves in a grocery store, I allowed myself to ponder Jesus. Somewhere in the middle of my thoughts I heard a voice call my name. Everything insid me burst. I began to weep right there in the store. I ran to the bathroom to be alone as i cried. Right there in a men’s room stall, I cried out to Jesus. I told Him if He was willing to take me, I was His. That night i met my Jesus for the first time. He was my saviour. He had died for my sin. All I was died that night, and a new man walked out of that store. John 3 talks of being born again and seeing the Kingdom of God. I had been born into my Father’s Kingdom. Since then I have gotten married and had three children. My parents have renewed their own relationsip and their relationship with Jesus. My children hear of my Lord everyday because of the Grace I have received from His hand. All Praise To my Father God, His Son Jesus, and To His Holy Spirit that abides in Me. It’s All The Lord.
Joe Davison

I felt my life was like that of a dead dog!  The pain from the inflammation of the occipital nerve going into my head became so unbearable that I was forced into bed rest and unable to teach for over 4 months.  Even talking was difficult as the inflammation caused confusion, memory loss and some speech problems.

One of my favorite truths that I held on to was that of the woman who was delighted to be eating of the crumbs that fell from her master’s table.  Indeed, I might have been like a nearly lifeless dog, but I have always rejoiced in the crumbs that would fall from my master’s table.  The King’s crumb is always more than enough!

For rehab, as the doctor told me I needed to take a full year sabbatical to get better, I decided to go back down south to Queretaro, near Mexico City.  I was to teach just once a week as my health improved.  But something happened…

As I taught, the second service became packed out, standing room only!  The policy of the church with home groups is that when the people no longer fit in the house, the group multiplies.  Half of the church went with Pastor Martin to start a new fellowship, financially supported by Horizonte for 6 months, and then as a fellowship of a ministry in Atlanta.

The board asked me to pastor the church we planted and built in the 1990’s.  The first Sunday, there were only a handful of people in the second service, but what a joy to be teaching again!!

Then the unexpected happened.  As we began inviting people in all of our studies new people began to stream into the church!  As you can see in the attached picture, after just 6 weeks the auditorium is full once again!!  God is pouring out His Spirit through His gifts and power!!

A prophetic word was shared, “No longer do I want you on the floor living from the crumbs, I am going to raise you up to sit at my table and eat bread with me continually!  I am going to do a work in your day that you would not believe if someone told you.  I am going to give you the desire of your heart to see the multitudes come to the cross and be forever born again.  I have seen the anguish in the streets of Mexico, but the violence will cause people to see their need for the Prince of Peace and indeed I will come to these streets to bring my unspeakable joy!!”

So I am crazy blessed!  My wife is driving down next week after her big woman’s retreat, my son Jonathan has been raised up as a senior pastor and the church has entered into a new growth phase in Ensenada, our daughter Debbie is a shining light as she studies medicine and our daughter Angelica, son-in-law Beto and 3 grandkids are here in Queretaro, serving in the church here!

The Bible College now has 47 students as we are encouraging young people in this part of the country to seek the Lord at CCBC.  God has brought together a beautiful team for the Special Kids home we are building as well!

I want to encourage you to trust in the Lord even when things don’t make sense or even seem to be falling apart.  He loves you and desires beautiful things for your life. Juan Domingo-

Approx. 1977- it’s dark out, after getting off the metro bus, walking home in E. St. Paul. It became obvious before the end of the first block that I was being stalked by someone in a car slowly following me. I had 3 long blocks to walk. At the time I was one of those prodigal’s. I said inaudibly “God if you’re real you better tell me what to do!” Immediately I had this thought or inaudible voice that said “Walk slow.” Just imagine my amazement! I’m freaking out. I’m thinking/saying “Walk slow?” Again, I heard “Walk slow”. I again said with more inaudible emphasis, “You have GOT to be KIDDING me! The third time I heard, and very slowly, with a sense it was being said with strong emphasis, “I said, Walk Slow!” That moment I made the decision that God was really speaking to me and decided to trust Him. After making it home safely I pondered why God would have me walk slow. God revealed to me that I was to not show fear. The person following me was hoping I would run and be afraid. The thrill was in the chase. I KNOW that God spoke to me that night and protected me. GOD IS AWESOME!!!! Praise be to God! Psalm 50:15 & 55:3-4
Vernette Johnson

“One story?? There are so many! Like:
Reading the Word meant just for me at that moment saying exactly what He wants me to know or do,
Having someone walk in the door and say exactly what I had prayed for the night before (December 2005),
Running along the beach one evening (October 22, 1983) and falling to my knees with hands lifted high for an exhilerating moment that felt like God and I were all alone,
Speaking to someone of a God moment, that they too had about the same thing…
God is Love.”
Kelly Kasimoff Garcia

“When I was a little girl, we lived a pretty hard life. Always on the move. I went to 21 different schools by the 9th grade. We lived mostley in cars and hotel rooms…not in a good way…and it made me very insecure. But the one place I always felt comfort was laying in my mom’s arms. I would lay with my back to her with our knees bent. I called it “sitting in the chair” because that was the position I would lie in. I never shared this with anyone.
Years later, after I came to the Lord, a friend was praying for me and started speaking a word the Lord was giving him for me. He said “I know you…I have always known you…I knew you when you were in ‘the chair'”…well, you have to know that I started balling, because only God could know how small and insecure I felt as a child, and how much it meant to me to know He was right there with me in the most tender moments of my life! God is LOVE!!!!”
Lorie Richards

Thinking back to 1964 and Jan Henry walked by at the beginning of History of Civ class my freshman year at BJU in Greenville, SC. She was the only one of the 600 in the class I saw that day.  Dec. 30 will mark our 43rd.  Thank you very much King Jesus!
Steve Gimbert

On January 27th 2006 I was on the freeway doing 70 to 75 MPH and lost control.  My ’88 F-150 hit a parked truck that was on the side of the road and according to the Highway Patrol report rolled 4 times over 400 feet and I should have been ejected.  But you know what the Lord did, He unbuckled my seat belt and laid me on the passenger side floor without impaling me on the stick shift which had become knobless.  The Doctor told my Mom and Dad that he didn’t know if I was going to make it and some Nurses told them they might need to think about pulling the plug.  I broke my back C7 to T2, and I also fractured my skull pretty badly.  I should be dead, but Jesus had His hand on me while my truck was rolling.
Joshua Palmer