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Bill Batstone, is a true legend in his own time. If you are one who looks at credits on songs that catch your attention, you would notice that a big percentage of them were written by this humble brother in the Lord. Bill is a solid lover of God’s Word, the primary source of his music. Volumes of songs connected with Franklin Graham events, Harvest Crusades, Tommy Coomes Band, Maranatha Praise Band, etc, etc, have his name next to “words & music by,” along with countless credits as vocal arranger, bass and acoustic guitar. Bill and his family have been our close friends for many years. When not working together on live projects, running into each other in airports around the world, for the last decade or so, if we are all in town, we’re meeting with the rest of the Tuesday Morning Guys at one of our houses or a coffee shop to up-load our lives to each other for the next few days of carrying one another and the challenges we are facing, to the Throne of Grace. What a great privilege!