WELCOME 1978 W/Chuck Girard for Good News Records Word/Myrrh

MELODIES 1980 w/Joe Bellamy for Good News Records Word/Myrrh

LIVING WORSHIP 1984 w/Joe Bellamy for CatalystPeople

LETS WORSHIP 1986 Terry Clark for CatalystPeople

HEAVEN IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY1989 w/Alan Harper&Brian Davis for Catalyst

LIVE WORSHIP w/TERRY CLARK & The MARANATHA!SINGERS 1989 w/Smitty Price & Wally Grant for Maranatha!Music

IN THE SECRET PLACE 1990 Terry & Duane Clark for CatalystPeople

I AM YOURS compilation 1992 Clark Brothers for CatalystPeople

U GADA NO 1993 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople

LOVE HEALS 1996 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople

THIS CHRISTMAS 1996 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople

ONLY BELIEVE 2000 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople

ThePRIZE 2004 w/Roby Duke for CatalystPeople

TC&M!M 20 YEARS OF WORSHIP compilation2007-w/Chris Taylor/CatalystPeople

WE’VE COME TO WORSHIP live 2008 w/Bob Somma for CatalystPeople @ Skyline church, Thousand Oaks,CA & Ocean Hills church SanJuanCapistrano,CA

TUYO SOY, 2009 w/Jeff Lams for CatalystPeople @CCCM, SANTA ANA, CA 

& Now… releasing to worldwide streaming outlets Sept.1/2022

IN THE STILL 2022 See IN THE STILL project FAMILY for credits & details of the incredible people Jesus tapped to be integral assets in this project.