Catalyst People

TOGETHER is a concept that Catalysts understand better as they get to know our Father better. The Kingdom of God, our Father’s domain, is a world together. Creation is an overpowering illustration of that truth. What our Father makes and rules is ONE, a WHOLE, a COSMOS[beautiful order].

The distortion this planet has suffered deludes our disconnected souls into believing the world is fractured, an array of independent elements, ideas, and beings – separated – not only by space but by barriers which our religion of “my-claim-to-my-right-to-myself” naturally constructs to protect our personal-sovereignty over our little, mirror-lined-bubble-reality. But the fact of the wholeness, the oneness of our Creator-Father’s genius design, is still together. Join our email list

What has been fractured is the One Authority needed to maintain the togetherness of all Creation, with special emphasis on the part of that Creation given the high position of carrying the likeness and nature of the Creator, Man. That highest privilege came with grave responsibility… (read the full story)