Christmas At Home with Terry Clark & Friends

Band: Terry & Nancy Clark, Bob Somma, Bill Batstone & Jeff Lams
Special guest artists: Bob Bennett, Chelsea Ward & Bill Batstone
PLUS – a houseful of caroling family, neighbors & friends

We sat up the recording studio down in the garage, filled our living room shoulder-to-shoulder with friends and neighbors who gathered to humbled ourselves around the Person who humbled Himself to be born the human boy who Christmas is about, Jesus, Yeshua, Yesu, Isa, that King of kings, whatever He is called in your language. We talked and sang about Him, we talked and sang to Him and celebrated His birthday and the Re-Birthday of all those who believe on Him. Join us in both, our allegiance to Him as our King and celebrating His birthday, our only Hope of Glory.

Song credits:
Christmas At Home Live with Terry Clark & Friends
List of songs in the program

O Come All Ye Faithful – Terry Clark
Sweet Little Baby – Terry Clark from THIS CHRISTMAS [Clark Brothers Keepers (BMI)] Born To Die – Bob Bennett – CHRISTMAS IN OUR TIME Bright Avenue Songs (ASCAP)
It May Not Have Been December – Bob Bennett from CHRISTMASTIDE Bright Avenue Songs (ASCAP)
He Took The Form Of Man – Bill Batstone from Howard&Batstone ONE BY ONE, Tommy Coomes Band THE WONDER OF CHRISTMAS
The Real Meaning of Christmas Time – Terry Clark from THIS CHRISTMAS [Clark Brothers Keepers (BMI)] What Child Is This – Chelsea Ward
Silent Night – Chelsea Ward/Terry Clark leading audience
We Have Seen His Star – Bill Batstone from THIS CHRISTMAS [BATROC (ASCAP)/Meadowgreen (ASCAP) admin by EMI] Christmas poetry – Bob Bennett
Jesus Christ The Apple Tree – Bob Bennett from Christmastide Cambridge University Press (ASCAP)
Jesus Is More – Terry Clark from THIS CHRISTMAS [Clark Brothers Keepers (BMI)] Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Bill Batstone

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