Dear Terry,

Thank you verry much for the great music! Yesterday in the evening?I heard all CD’s together with my wife. She also knew the earlier Cassettes, but she?had not hear it so often like I did. So her curiosity was high. And we didn’t hear it incidentally while we did something, but we sit down like in?a concert and listened at your wonderful music. And it was like many years ago when I heared your songs?the first time: At songs like “I am yours”, “Throne of grace”, “Lets worship” our eyes was filled with tears and our both heart was opened new to the lord. It’s really so much blessing! And the new CD’s are also great. “O Lord I love you”, “We’ve come to worship”, “When I consider”, “The prize”, “The face of your mercy” and others are really great songs wich comes frome a humbled heart full of love to our savior. And the spark dashes past (is this correct english?) and leads us into the presence of the Lord. So, my wife and I had a great Worship-Night with Terry Clark (and the Lord!). We started at the first CD “Living Worship” and ended at “The Prize”. Tank you, verry much! ?


God bless you!