Dear Terry & Nancy,

I would like to tell you a brief story concerning-“Living Worship and Let’s Worship”. Several years ago, I injured my back rather severely and ended up having two back surgeries. During the time before and after each surgery, I was experiencing a lot of fear about what the future–would I be able to support my family?–would I reinjure myself?–I was unable to work for almost a year. To make a very long story short, I started listening to the two cd’s everyday. I was placed in a rehabilitation program where I was undergoing 3 hours of physical therapy and 3 hours of occupational therapy Monday through Friday. I had to take a bus to the hospital everyday. I would listen to the songs all the way to and from the hospital. The Lord used your songs to bring a sense of peace and reassurance to my heart. He spoke to me through your songs. It was like soothing medicine to me. 

A few years later my brother-in-law, who was the director of a Christian counseling program, had a nervous breakdown. He was hospitalized briefly. My wife and I immediately purchased a portable cd player and took the cd’s to the hospital. They played the cd’s over and over again. He mentioned how calming the music was to him. 

So Glory to God-He has poured out His anointing on you. Every time I hear one of those songs on the radio, I am thankful. Thank you so much. I pray the Lord will continue to lead you and whisper songs to your heart. (Don’t ever lose the bluesy feel) 


In Christ the Lord